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Aluminium foil container market conditions
Source:Zhengzhou Golden Foil Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd AddTime: 2014-4-16 Hit:1783

Aluminium foil packaging products, we are familiar with the Aluminium foil container, aluminum foil, hotel supplies, aluminum foil sealed bags, aluminum foil food packaging and other products. But in the domestic market, due to the per capita standard of living is not high, has not been widely used, the only aviation lunch boxes, aviation food packaging was the most common piece; while in a foreign country, it more than twenty years of development , due to its environmentally safe, high-quality high-end features has long been preferred as food packaging, aluminum foil packaging, aluminum foil tableware as a noble way of enjoying life. Even in the current financial crisis, the global market in the fourth quarter of 2008, the only Chinese imports of aluminum foil container trade volume of more than $ 80 million. This shows that aluminum foil packaging products attractive to people's lives is huge.

According to incomplete statistics, by the end of January 2009, the domestic operations aluminum foil container products manufacturer has more than 30, the pure plant producers still account for about 70%, foreign trade enterprises to invest in equipment production trend is also evident. People increasingly strong interest in the investment industry, of course, as from the growing competition.

In the domestic market, fast food foil container price has been reduced to 1 yuan (including supporting aluminum foil cover), so the price is close to the high-end plastic lunch boxes, the time has come to replace part of the snack box basically mature, interested in catering to grasp market trends owners should be pre-empted, unconventional career bigger and stronger of the trend of the times.