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Other Informations of Aluminium Foil
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1.The method of aluminum foil rolling, currently we have two kinds of rolling production technology: one is a separate set and roll machine, will receives rolling of aluminium foil roll, trimming, and then rolling; Another is the finishing mill equipped with two uncoiling devices at the same time, the two volume rollings, uncoiling, then cutting edges at the same time.

2.The purpose of aluminum foil cutting: rolling the aluminum foil to the tube core according to requirements of customers; Adjust the width, length, (diameter) according to customers; Rolling the aluminum foil smooth or dark side to outer surface according to users’ requirements; Using methods such as ultrasonic welding to connect; Inspecting the quality of mil.

3.Aluminum foil rolling mill is the main equipment of the production of aluminum foil, and also the most critical equipment, aluminum foil rolling mill at present mainly is four heavy unreversing mill. Modern aluminum foil rolling mill are moving on the road of big volume weight, super wide, and ultra-thin aluminum foil.

4.The thickness automatic gauge control (AGC) system is a automatic control system which modern aluminum foil rolling mill must equiped with, it can keep the thickness and accuracy of the aluminum foil products remain high range.

5.The automatic flatness control (AFC) also called stresso-meter, including three parts, shape detection device, flatness detection signal feedback, flatness control device and control system.

6.The cutting machine is divided into thick foil cutting machine and thin slitting machine. Cutting is another important step of the aluminum foil production, task one is bundling, task two is shearing.

7.There are three kinds of aluminum foil packaging in general: hanging, stacking and colleting, hanging is frequently used, usually it is used in packing the double zero foil and single zero foil which of soft state.

8.Two kinds of the wrapping tool: wood and wooden cases, the packaging aluminum coil temperature should be below 45 degrees Celsius.

9.The corrosion of aluminum foil. The main reason of corrosion: mainly, the product affected by damp or water in the process of production and circulation process. Therefore, to control corrosion, the mainly is to prevent aluminum foil affected by water.

10.The characteristics of aluminum foil coil corrosion: (1) the corrosion of aluminum foil roll can be caused during the aluminum foil production, transportation and storage.(2) aluminum foil annealing is easier corroded than the unannealed aluminum foil (3) corrosion happens more in wet and rainy season (4) the corroded aluminum foil roll, generally, its edge wont corroded.

11.the anticorrosion measures of aluminum foil roll: (1) enhance the management of the air desiccant, ensureing no moisture in the compressed air. (2) strengthen the management of rolling oil, the water content should under 400×0.000001. (3) the packing of aluminum foil roll should be sealed, and at the same time drier should be put in. (4) the humidity of wooden shaft, box board packing shoud below 18%, the temperature of aluminum coil packaging should below 45 degrees Celsius. (5) the products packaging should not be opened when transported from low temperature zone to high temperature and high hunmidity zone. (6) aluminum foil volume should not be put in workshop, warehouse roof which has a rain leaking or snow leaking. (7) strengthen the seal packing when transported from low temperature to high temperature area, if necessary, add the desiccant. (8) strengthen the seal, and add the desiccant in rainy season.

12.The aluminum foil quality inspection including geometry inspection, appearance quality inspection, internal quality inspection and mechanical performance inspection.

13.The performance of the aluminum foil:

(1) tensile strength: refers to the maximum stress value before severed. At present, the commonly method is the universal material testing machine.

(2) elongation: after tensile failure, the percentage of the total elongation and the original gauge length.

(3) yield strength: refers to the critical stress value of materials.

(4) cup drawing: refers to the stamping process performance of the product. In the testing when aluminum foil leaving the company, the most frequently testing programe is the tensile strength and elongation, while cupping values are used for performance test of deep drawing with aluminum foil products, such as air conditioner heat sink with aluminum foil, food container with aluminum foil, etc.

14.The deep processing of aluminum foil is refers to further processing after rolling or recutting, the aluminum foil annealing. It has various types, such as type container, embossing, printing, coating, laminating, etc. The deep processing of aluminum foil’s main purpose is to gain more functions, improve the performance of the aluminum foil, such as beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, increase strength, improve the function of surface tension and increase the thermal bonding, etc. Further processing is an important process in before aluminum foil put into use, there are more than 85% of the aluminum foil need secondary processing before put into use.

15.The hydrophilic aluminum foil: hydrophilic foil is one of the main materials of air conditioner, and product which the surface need further process, so that it can has a special performance of hydrophilic. It overcomes many defects such as the air-conditioner heat sink using light foil surface corrosion resistance, easy to produce white powder and peculiar smell, easy to take the water bridge, water droplets between piece and piece stuck inside the machine for a long time, shortcomings and so on affect the heat transfer effect, make the air conditioner, low noise, less energy consumption, promote energy conservation, environmental protection air conditioner and miniaturization. Compared with the plain foil, the refrigeration efficiency by about 5%, is a more ideal air conditioning heat dissipation material.. Hydrophilic foil accounted for over 80% of the total air conditioning with aluminum foil, frequency conversion air conditioning, the export air conditioning use hydrophilic foil, more and more than domestic cheap air conditioning, window machine, auto air conditioning use plain foil.

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