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The Defect of Aluminium Foil
Source:Zhengzhou Golden Foil Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd AddTime: 2013-5-8 Hit:3047

Greasy dirt. Defect feature: too much oil on the aluminum foil surface, oil can be saw in the surface during the cutting production and finished production. Causes: rolling technology parameter control is not reasonable; Mill roller abnormal; Mill thickness oil droping. Preventing method: adopting the reasonable rolling process parameters; Strengthening the inspection equipment, ensuring the mill roller work properly; cleaning brush head thickness regularly.

Not clean on oil removing. Defects characteristics: aluminum foil annealing condition, using brush after annealing method of water detection, can not reached A level. Reason: too much oil in the aluminum foil surface; The tension of cutting is too big; Annealing process is not reasonable; High boiling oil leaking. Prevent methods: control the oil in the mill product surface; Strengthen the management of oil; Ensure the physical and chemical indexes meet the requirements; Reduced cutting tension properly; Choose appropriate annealing process.

Warped edge. Defect feature: aluminum foil roll become warped with both sides or one side, and obvious feeling of concave-convex touch. Reasons: excessive reduction, improper adjustment; Uneven rolling oil spray; Improper adjustment of shear blade. Preventing methods: Reasonable distribution of rolling oil; Carefully adjust the blade and ensure it is reasonable.