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The Advantages of Aluminum Foil
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  The aluminum foil is a kind of tableware which used very extensive. The thickness of aluminum foil usually ranges from 0.04mm to 0.20mm, and often classified into wrinkled and nonwrinkled.

  The aluminum foil is widely used in air-line food, home cooking, and large-scale cake chains shop. The main use: food cooking, baking, freezing, freshness retaining.

  Light weight, our products are strictly meet the national food hygiene standards. It is recyclable, no hazardous substance will be produced during the process, and it wont pollute renewable resources. The aluminum foil product sets are usually used in air-line food, cake at retail, the fields which update fast and consumpt more. Batch sell is suitable. The cuisine in cake and food shop, as well as the finished food packaging need large amounts of aluminum foil products. Broad product market, and we have a wide popularization. Aluminum foil has outstanding barrier properties, if with enough thickness, it basically can completely cut off the gas and water, as a result, the aluminum foil is commonly used as barrier material in plastic soft packing materials, and the aluminum foil have many advantages such as qualitative light, good sealing and good coating. Mainly is the health, beautiful, and also can save heat in some extent.

  The aluminum foil is surface coating processing, it has little ralationship with the thickness.

  The lunch box not only meets the national health standards, what’s more important , it adapts to the current international trend of environmental protection. This product can directly put on gas stove for heating and microwave oven for baking without fearing of danger, which bring people great convenience.

  The box can be recycle used, it reduces the pollution, saves the resources, therefore, it is definately a good choice.